Tyler Hanns

Silence & Solitude

Tyler Hanns
Silence & Solitude

How do we escape the chaos of life?

In the chaos of the urban, digital age, it’s easier than ever before to “gain the whole world, and yet lose your soul.” How do we stay emotionally alive and spiritually awake? Among the ancient practices of the way, “Silence & Solitude” is the number one practice for apprenticeship to Jesus. Simply put, it’s a moment of intentional time in the quiet to be alone with God. In the modern era, this just might be the first step to a life well lived.


Before you begin the practices with your community, listen through these teachings to understand why this practice is important and discover what it can do in your life.


Jesus and the Lonely Place

Jesus wants us to thrive in the middle of the chaos of our overbusy, digitally distracted, noisy, urban world.


Elijah and the Broom Bush

When we slow down long enough to get alone with ourselves and God, we feel all sorts of emotions.


Elijah and Mt. Horeb

One of the foundational goals of silence and solitude is to get to the place where we know who we are in God.


Follow along with each part of this practice. We recommend you work through it with your community, a small group triad, a weekly meal with friends or neighbors, your roommates, whatever works. Get a group of people, set a time each week to share a meal, then talk and pray for about an hour. Transformation happens in community. 


The Basics

In our over busy, distracted world, the first challenge we face is the ability to slow down and focus.


Emotional Health

Human beings are emotional creatures. For Jesus, emotions, positive or negative, are places to meet with God.


Casting Care

Most people, whether they are aware of it or not, are living with some form of low-grade anxiety.


Listening Prayer

Prayer is to be a conversation where both parties share openly and listen carefully to each other.


Lectio Divina

The practice of spiritual reading: an ancient time-tested method of meeting God in the Scriptures.



Now we want to stretch ourselves and try something longer. We want to do what we’re calling a "retreat."

Download & Print 

If you are looking to escape from technology, download and print all weeks of this practice in one document. 

Recommended Reading

Follow along with the recommended reading. We want to continually expand our minds and understanding of the way of Jesus. God wants us to love him not only with our hearts, souls, and strength, but with our minds as well.