Tyler Hanns

Discovering Your Identity & Calling

Tyler Hanns
Discovering Your Identity & Calling

Who are you?

One of the key tasks of our apprenticeship to Jesus is discovering our identity and calling. Knowing who you are and who God made you to become is a profound realization for every follower of Jesus. Listen to the teachings and work through the practice with your community as you learn to become the person God designed you to be.


Follow along with each part of this practice. We recommend you work through it with your community, a small group triad, a weekly meal with friends or neighbors, your roommates, whatever works. Get a group of people, set a time each week to share a meal, then talk and pray for about an hour. Transformation happens in community. 


The Journey

So many followers of Jesus spend years, and waste copious amounts of energy, living into a parody of their real, true self.



The Bible says those who are in Christ are a new creation. Followers of Jesus, we have been given a new identity.


The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a theory of personality that’s been used as a tool for spiritual formation for over a thousand years.



Everybody has unique skills, talents, loves, ways of thinking, and ways of being that are part of God’s design.


Habit Audit

The things we do also do something to us. You are, in one sense, the cumulative effect of your habits.


Habit Swap

Jesus’ goal for our lives is transformation; a deep healing, freedom, and change in the core of our being.