Tyler Hanns

Forgiving As We Have Been Forgiven

Tyler Hanns
Forgiving As We Have Been Forgiven

Why do we forgive?

Forgiveness is integral in our discipleship to Jesus. We live in a world polluted by sin and shame, and relationships in this broken world are often marked by disappointment, loss, and pain. The call of God throughout the Scriptures is to release those who sin against us from our personal right to collect on the moral debt for their offense. We see this embodied best in the person of Jesus himself, who, in the face of sin, chose not to look the other way nor to pay the person back, but to deal with the sins committed against him in the most compelling way: by forgiving them.


Follow along with each part of this practice. We recommend you work through it with your community, a small group triad, a weekly meal with friends or neighbors, your roommates, whatever works. Get a group of people, set a time each week to share a meal, then talk and pray for about an hour. Transformation happens in community. 


Forgiving & Being Forgiven

Forgiveness is integral in our discipleship to Jesus, an unmerited gift, given to someone who does not deserve it.


Forgiving & Absorbing

Forgiveness is not just releasing the right to payback who has hurt you, it is also absorbing the pain with God’s help.


How To Forgive

While we can’t change the hurtful memory, we can change how we think and feel when that memory comes to mind.



Work to restore a broken relationship. Forgiveness takes one person, reconciliation takes two.