Tyler Hanns

Be With Jesus

Tyler Hanns
Be With Jesus

How do we be with Jesus?

Our primary goal as followers of Jesus is learning to live in a constant state of connection to the Spirit. This is how we are able to be with Jesus, our Rabbi. We must invite him into every moment and learn to always be in two places at once—at home and with Jesus, at work and with Jesus, on your commute and with Jesus. Bring his presence into the routine of your daily life. But how do we accomplish that in the chaos of the urban, digital world? It’s pretty straightforward: to experience the life of Jesus, we must adopt the lifestyle of Jesus.


Follow along with each of these practices designed to help you be with Jesus. Each of these practices are meant to bring you closer to Jesus in your relationship as an apprentice. We recommend that you work through them with a community of Jesus followers. Community plays a vital role in transformation. Discover how you can practice the way of Jesus, together, in your city. 

Silence & Solitude

The spiritual practice of removing yourself from the chaos of our modern, digital age to refocus and reconnect with God.


The Sabbath is a day blessed by God and set aside for rest and worship; a weekly celebration, almost like a holiday.


Prayer is the center-point of life with God. It should be woven into the fabric of our morning routine, our weekly schedule.